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Fire Resistant Plasterboard is produced from high purity natural gypsum core being sheeted in closely adhering paper liners.

FR is produced in compliance to ASTM C1396 & EN 520 standards.

FR due to its formulation offers higher level of Fire resistance as compared to Regular Plasterboard and is thus used for dry wall partitions where such fire characteristics are specifically requested.

It is to be noted that Fire rating of the drywall partition depends on the construction of the overall drywall system and thus great care needs to be taken to ensure that desired ratings are achieved.

FR is laminated with pink paper on board face & grey paper on the back.

It is specially designed to be used for systems with high requirements for fire resistance.

It is designed for direct attachment by screws, nails or adhesive to wood or metal framing and even existing surfaces.

High Strength

Fire Resistent*

Non Harmful

With Glass Fiber

Easy to Work

Excellent Finish

Non Flammable

Non Hazardous

Easily Recyclable




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