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             GYPSUM BOARDS

SIG IR is produced from high purity natural gypsum core being sheeted in closely adhering paper liners.

SIG IR is produced in compliance to ASTM C1396 & EN 520 standards and tested accordance to ASTM C1629. SIG IR is tested and certified by leading third party laboratories.

SIG IR is produced in wide variety of length, width, thickness & edge types to cover the entire spectrum of the requirement.

SIG IR have high density gypsum core with glass fibers and special additives in strong paper liners to provide high impact rating.


SIG IR is used in areas subject to crowd pressure and impact damage such as corridors and circulation areas in residential, hospitals, educational institutions, airports etc.


SIG IR is laminated with yellow paper lining on board face & grey paper on the back. It is high performance special plasterboard designed for systems for high impact resistance.

Outer Surface


High Strength

With Glass Fiber

Easy to Work

Used in Wet Area

Non Flammable

Non Hazardous

Easily Recyclable




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