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SleekX delivers Beautiful and quality cornices and decorations. SleekX  is perfect for creation of refined Textures and smooth surfaces that are free of cracks and chip. SleekX  creates healthy and aesthetic ambiance.

Designed to be applied by hand up to 13mm thickness, SleekX delivers a professional crack free finishing ready for painting, it enhances the light reflectance, imparts true colour tone and gloss for Paint. With easy trowelling and application and without requiring any curing, SleekX achieves great results with minimal efforts and waste, can be applied directly on brick, block and RCC.

Features of SleekX

  •  More Strength than Traditional Plasters

  •  Delivers High Quality Finishing

  •  Protects Against Fire

  •  No Shrinkage and No Cracks

  •  High Compressive Strength

  •  No Water Curing Required

What are advantages of SleekX

  •   Saves Costs and Covers more area

  •   Easy to Apply and Paint

  •   Provides Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

  •   Eco Friendly and Sustainable

  •   Produced with Natural gypsum

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