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Gypsum Powders

Our Plasters are made with 100% Natural Gypsum, are easy to use and cost effective.

Features of SIG Plasters

 -          Delivers High Quality Finishing

 -          Protects Against Fire

 -          No Shrinkage and No Cracks

 -          High Compressive Strength (Upto 50% Higher* than Regular Plasters)

 -          High Strength Bonding

 -          No Water Curing Required

What are advantages of SIG Plasters

 -         Saves Costs and Covers more area

 -         Easy to Apply and Paint

 -         Provides Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

 -         Eco Friendly and Sustainable

 -         Produced with Natural gypsum

 -         Protects against Fire


 -         ConveX

 -         SleekX

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